7 Ways to Promote Your Discord Server

discord server promotion

How To Promote Your Discord Server–7 Techniques That Work.

If you’re an avid online gamer, you know that a discord server can enhance your gaming experience big time. A discord server is, essentially, Skype for gamers. Specifically, it helps gamers to chat with other gamers through text, voice and video via private servers. You can also use a discord server as a regular messaging app if you’re not a gamer. However, to have the best experience as a gamer, you need many people to join your discord server. Here are effective tips to promote your discord server to increase your member count:

Use the YouTube-Promotion tab on the discord server

YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites out there. In fact, as of this writing, 1.3 billion people use YouTube. So you’re guaranteed of a ton of hits if you promote your discord server on the platform. Your discord server has a promotion section, where you’ll find the YouTube promotion tab that allows you to post your YouTube videos for members to watch. You can create awesome videos about your discord server and post them on YouTube, as well as on your discord server. It’s a good idea to have a YouTube channel because it helps to promote your videos.

Be active on your discord server

It defeats the purpose to market your discord server, get many members and end up losing them just because you’re inactive on the server. Have frequent conversations with your members through the communication channels available on the discord server, such as text, audio, and video chat to keep them engaged, coming back for more and referring more people.

Focus your discord server on subjects that people like

It’s natural that people gravitate towards things they like. That’s why more members will join your server if it’s based on a subject that interests them. Also, there are many servers out there with the same topic and you might not be able to attract many members to your server if you adopt the same topics. It’s a good idea to focus your server on a unique, yet interesting topic if you want more people to join your discord server.

Make clear server descriptions

Discord server listings offer you the ability to write server descriptions that help people to know what your discord server is all about. The descriptions are also good for SEO because they help online searchers to find your server easily. It’s easy to come across servers that have no or little information about them. In fact, some people trust servers just by looking at their descriptions. So make sure your discord server has a clear description that shows the server’s goals, the kind of people who would benefit by joining the server and the problems the server addresses.

Create a memorable and informative server title

The title of your discord server plays a vital role in attracting members to join your server. Members make initial decisions on whether to join a discord server based on the title. If the title is short and interesting, they will join the server. A long and boring server title will push members away from your discord server. A short title is memorable, which means members will not find trouble remembering your server name when they want to come back or refer people to your discord server.

Create a professional and eye-catching logo for your discord server

A logo is a powerful marketing tool today. This is because people are more attracted to visuals than text these days. In fact, besides the title, a logo is the first thing people interact with when they visit your discord server. Therefore, a professional and eye-catching logo can easily motivate members to join your discord server. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a professional logo designer to create an eye-catching logo. Many logo creation software exist out there that enables just about anyone to create a great logo. A good example is canva.com.

Promote your discord server on social sites and server listing sites

Using social media and sever listing sites are the most effective ways to get people to join your discord server. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have billions of followers. You can share your server links, along with compelling marketing messages to those social media platforms to attract members to join your discord server. Also, server listing sites, such as Discordservers.com can help you get many members to join your server. You only need to advertise your discord server on that site and members will stream to it.

The internet has provided many opportunities to promote anything easily and cost-effectively. In fact, you can promote your discord server on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and certain websites, for free. With these tips, promoting and growing your discord server won’t be work.

7 Ways to Promote Your Discord Server
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