Is Lucid Dreaming Bad?

is lucid dreaming bad

Personal growth or development and self-help as terms do not seem to hold the ‘spirit’ of what is truly involved close to heart. Maybe self-improvement as the phrase is a bit softer on the tongue but still does not capture the true essence required. Self-help and self-improvement are many things to many people but in essence looks to “quality of life” as a measuring stick by which to develop, measure and improve personal performance and awareness.

You’ll need to find the best way to achieve your own personal growth and development. I would like to talk about lucid dreaming. It has been exploding in popularity recently. It’s even caused a spike in sales for melatonin for lucid dreaming. It’s one of the best ways to your personal growth and development.

Lucid Dreaming.

There are many methods, or ‘tools’ one can use for personal growth and create awareness (conditioning your subconscious mind) such as:
• Meditation
• Personal
• Reflection
• Self-study
• Lucid dreaming
• Religious guidance
• Studying expert opinions (self-help books)
• Therapy
• Coaching
• Experience
• Spiritual growth

All these options are worth exploring. The rest of this writing will look at lucid dreaming.
The link between the subconscious mind and dreaming has been explored only recently. Sigmund Freud probably was the first to look at the role of the subconscious mind in dreams and explored the unconscious elements that drive our motivation. Now imagine being able to get a clear view of our subconscious mind and understand better how and what motivates each of us in our unique ways. You might find that there are unknown, to your consciousness, elements that are motivating you to counter to what you are trying to achieve consciously. I also like to refer to them as mental blocks.

A very frustrated smoker trying to stop does not necessarily realize that he subconsciously believes that it is fine to smoke and that it’s the reason why he cannot get himself to stop consciously. Not just because of the physical addiction. If he does realize this, he then has discovered a mental block and if he also realizes how powerful the subconscious mind is he may be better prepared mentally to change this habit by working on releasing the block.

You Can Reshape Yourself.

Not sure if you know what lucid dreaming is and or how to lucid dream, but the ability to be dream-aware while dreaming with the ability to control your dreams is a magnificent gift that could be used to access your subconscious mind. Lucid Dreaming can also be used to help recondition yourself as required.

It may sound like a brave new way to go about it, but as Einstein said (we’re paraphrasing here): You cannot solve a problem from the same mindset that created it. You must learn to see the world anew. How is that for a powerful problem-solving ethos?

Let’s say you have a personal development goal to become a motivational speaker but have a fear of speaking in front of people. Imagine you can create a safe place where you can motivate yourself and practice role-playing as much as you need to overcome this challenge. Similarly, lucid dreaming can give you the ability to deal with any such fears.

What if you need to change your feelings and thoughts around how you few humanity and need to cultivate a more positive view, because you may have realized it is holding you back in other areas in your life. You could create a new dream character, Nelson Mandela and then have an insightful discussion with him about how he was motivated and driven to be so forgiving and the ultimate humanitarian after everything that was done to him.

What if you could create a dream character that represents your subconscious mind and ask him or her?
• Why do I get so frustrated with my wife or children or,
• Is there any specific thing that I should know in regard to things that are holding me back from achieving my goals or,
• Why do I get so unhappy or frustrated when I am in a particular situation?

Remember after all your dreams are created by yourself, so all these techniques is an attempt to learn more about yourself to help you figure out what you need to change.

Your Imagination Unleashed:

Lucid dreaming is a gift that can be used in so many different ways. Your creative imagination is the only thing that will hold you back. However, lucid dreaming may be used to improve your creativity.

Having gone through the positive effects of lucid dreaming and how much it can play a big role in personal self-growth and development, I conclude that there is nothing wrong with lucid dreaming. It’s beneficial to everyone. Thus, my answer to the main question of the article is “NO”.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on the Cheap

valentines day - bestgear

For many people, Valentine’s Day presents an enormous amount of pressure to spend a lot of money. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging on this special day, lots of couples simply can’t afford to splurge on lavish dinners and expensive gifts. You can save money by using Digitalocean’s coupons, among other money-saving resources. There are a wide variety of ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day with a loved one without breaking the bank and still having a great holiday.

Browse Flyers For Cool Tech

Going through flyers from local stores like Best Buy can be a great way to learn what you both desire. Do you have your eye on a GoPro for an upcoming trip while she wants a security system for the house? This can bring up an opportunity to discuss these things before they become arguments in the future.

Go out for drinks or dessert

Dining out for dinner is one of the most expensive ways to have a meal. Think about preparing an intimate dinner at home and then treating yourselves to cocktails or dessert at one of your favorite places. If you’re set on going out for a meal, look at breakfast and brunch deals, which tend to be cheaper than dinner. If you’re set on going out for dinner, check out deals on, Groupon, Living Social, and other coupon sites.

Celebrate on a different day

There is nothing that says that you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the day itself. As Valentine’s Day has grown in popularity over the last decade, many establishments have vastly marked up their Valentine’s Day offerings. From buying flowers to dining out, you’re almost guaranteed to save money when you do your celebrating the weekend before or after the actual holiday.

Have a movie or game night

When was the last time that you stayed in for a date instead of going out somewhere? Taking in a new movie in the theater is always fun, but nothing is quite as romantic as snuggling up on the coach with an old favorite and a big bowl of popcorn. If you’d rather do something more active, pull out a board game or fire up the PlayStation and engage in a friendly competition.

Make your own gifts

Sometimes the gifts that you make yourself are the most meaningful gifts. Making your own gift can be as simple as writing a poem for your significant other to as complex as creating a Valentine’s Day mailbox and filling it with love notes and other sentimental items. Gag gifts are also a great option. A can of silly string or a set of fake teeth will keep the two of you laughing for hours that night. Finally, Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse to buy something together that you’ll both enjoy. The gift can be practical, such as new mats for the car, or indulgent, such as a fine bottle of wine.

Relive favorite memories

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to look through old photos or treasured relics from past dates and vacations. If you don’t have a lot of printed photos, go on the computer and look through your hard drive or Flickr album. For married couples, thumbing through your professional wedding photo album or candid guest shots will make you feel as though the event just happened yesterday. You can also spend the night talking about some of your favorite memories from your dating days.

Take a walk

Use the holiday as an excuse to take a stroll through your town visiting some of your favorite sites, to check out a new neighborhood that you’ve always wanted to see, or to plan a major hike. If the weather is favorable, think about enjoying an evening walk along the beach or snuggling outside with a blanket for some stargazing in a secluded spot.

Travel locally

You don’t have to go far to feel as though you’ve gotten away from it all for a night or two. Spending the night downtown while the kids stay with grandparents gives you a chance to relax together without shelling out for a week long trip across the country. Taking a drive through the surrounding area can be fun, especially if there are some picturesque routes. Live in the city and have no car? You can always use a 20% off deal to rent one for a weekend! Camping is another great way to take a day off and do something that you’ll both enjoy without having to go very far or spend a lot of money. Go back to a site that you frequented during the early days of your relationship or use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to explore a new area.

Finally, remember that Valentine’s Day is not a competition. Instead of getting caught up in feeling like everyone is spending more money or doing something more lavish than you and your significant other, concentrate on making your own Valentine’s Day great for the two of you. As long as you have a great holiday, nothing else matters.

Motel Coupons and 5 Other Great Ways to Get Free Stuff

motel coupons - free stuff

Some of the best things in life are free, and it is easy to get your hands on good finds if you know where to look. Market research companies and public relations teams spend a lot of money each year in order to promote products and services, and consumers can benefit from the efforts. If you like to try out new merchandise and get promotional items for free, there are several different ways to hunt for and find items to try.

Contact the Manufacturer 

Have you ever seen new products like make up, snacks, or cleaning products advertised on TV, and were just dying to try them? If you would love to test out a new product, contact the manufacturer through their website. Many will send you a free sample of the product in an effort to get you to buy more. If they do not have samples, they will sometimes send out coupons so you can go to the store and get the product for free or at a deep discount.

Coupons and Promotions 

Some people make careers out of clipping coupons and getting merchandise for free at the store. If you are good at hunting for deals and researching promotions, you can get your hands on some free products. Search for coupons for products you want, and then find retailers who will double the coupon’s value. For example, click here to view deal on website hosting. If you live in the United Kingdom then use this link instead. A good google search turns up tons of motel coupons for popular hotel chains. Read more…

Fairs and Conferences

If you love going to the county fair or have a conference coming up in the future, look around the various vendor booths to find loads of free stuff for the taking. Vendors love to hand out promotional products that are functional and fun, so that you remember them long after the event is over and purchase their products and services. 

Product Testing

Product testing is another fun way to get free stuff while testing out some of the best new products on the market. Market researchers depend on consumer reviews and opinions to learn about ways they can make products better and get more sales. If you like to try new things, register with market research companies and let them know you are interested. They will often send you full-size products and ask that you take surveys and posts reviews after trying the product out.

Freecycling and Trades


Freecycling is a new trend in which people who want to get rid of unwanted items connect with those who are looking to get free things. You can register with the freecycle website in your area and search through ads from people who post items that are free for the taking. You can also post ads to have people claim items you no longer want. Once you respond to an ad, you just set up a meeting place to collect your bounty from the giver. 

Getting free stuff is a thrill that many people enjoy. If you like to test out free products or take advantage of promotional offers, start hunting around and doing some research. You will be able to score some great products without spending any of your hard-earned money.