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11 Ways To Promote your GoFundMe Page

So How Does One Promote a GoFundMe Page? Need help with your emergency medical bills or University tuition fees? Or do you need funds to pursue your passion? If you are stuck in any such scenario GoFundMe can help you. It is a crowdfunding website that was founded in the United States of America in […]

The Best Ways To Promote Your Etsy Shop.

How to Promote an Etsy Shop. Congratulations, starting your own business is a daunting task, but you did it! A single person business usually focuses a great deal on the product. And that makes sense. If you’re selling personalized mugs, handcrafted in your basement, you want the cups to turn out better than your wildest […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Patreon

How to Promote Your Patreon Earlier, if people wanted to try crowdfunding for monetizing your creative works, then the only way was to create a Kickstarter campaign and raise the money. There are also other platforms like Indiegogo. These sites have helped raise billions over the years for the creative community across the world. Also, […]

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